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Outstanding Design
These rosin presses are specifically designed to apply the right amount of heat and pressure to your flower, kief, or hash. High-quality rosin presses feature adjustable settings, allowing you to experiment with your rosin extraction and produce the exact extracts you want.

Why Choose a Rosin Press?
We built our Rosin Press so you could make clean, high-quality concentrates at home. We value ease of use and discretion. Our Rosin Presses are small but mighty, the quietest on the market, and make it so you can press clean, fresh rosin whenever you want. The opportunities are endless — you'll never be limited to a small set of rosins available in retail again. You can press any flower strain into sweet, honey-colored concentrate with an at-home rosin press.

ROSINBOMB presses use no chemicals or solvents and instead use our patented techniques optimized for the highest yield and finest quality of naturally-extracted concentrates.

The patented proprietary technology combines heat and pressure to generate quality, organic concentrates and essential oils at a competitive price with a simple plug and play operation. The extracts are clean, organic, and, most importantly, solventless.

M60 Rosin Press

The M-60 Rosin Press is our flagship commercial press and can deliver over 6000 lbs of pressure with each press. This industrial-grade rosin press features innovative and patented Flow Channel Technology, making continuous pure, organic, solventless rosin extraction effortless. With a self-collecting design, rosin is carefully collected into the non-stick FDA-approved collection tray. Despite offering over 6000 lbs. of crushing pressure, this compact 60-pound unit fits right on your counter top.

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    Press continuously using patent-pending Flow Channel Technology

    Choose your pressing method with included conversion plates

    Fully electric operation that allows you to get pressing right out of the box

    Compact design fits right on your counter top

  • Offers over 6000 lbs. of pressure

    No large footprint, no noisy air compressors, no manual cranks, and no complicated setups

    Designed and manufactured in the U.S. from rugged stainless steel

    Crushes up to 15g of material per press (depending on density)

    Solid state/UL components

Estimated yields: 10-15g material per pressing at a 15-20% yield = 2-3g concentrate / pressing. Thirty (30) presses per hour would yield 60-90g concentrate per hour. All yields are estimates and depend on a number of variables, including but not limited to: quality of material, type and size of pressing bags, pressing temperature, and more.


Rocket Rosin Press

The ROCKET Rosin Press has been hailed as the best consumer and home use rosin press. If you want to make incredible yields of rosin extracts from the comfort of your home, this machine will make the entire process safe and effortless. Light, compact, and extremely powerful, it's the perfect choice for rosin enthusiasts. A compact 13lb. Press that is small enough for any counter space while offering an intense 1500 lbs. of crushing pressure!

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    Small enough to fit in your backpack and weighs a mere 13lbs.

    1500lbs. of pressure

    All-electric, quiet operation

  • Designed and manufactured in the U.S. from rugged stainless steel

    Presses up to 5g of material (depending on density)

    Low energy requirements (uses only 3 amps at full pressure)

Using a mere 3 amps of power when operating at full pressure, this mini rosin press is low maintenance with high production, tackling up to 5g of material in a single press. If you're pressing for yourself, this is the press you want at your side (or in your bag if you're on the move).

The Rosinbomb Rocket is a panini press for weed.

Andrew Tarantola - Engadget