Our Proprietary Technology

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Our Proprietary Technology

Our Multi-Patented Intellectual Proprietary

Rosinbomb is pleased to announce granting another major patent from the U.S. Patent Office. This Patent is the third granted to Rosinbomb for their groundbreaking technology implementation, which is highly significant in developing other products.

U.S. Patent number 11241852 has been granted to Rosinbomb. This Patent covers the unique and proprietary way Rosinbomb creates significant amounts of force by implementation an electrically powered actuator. The Actuator allows Rosinbomb products to create multiple tons of force simply using a three-prong plug and standard electrical outlets. Competitors can only come close to generating these force levels by using compressors and hydraulics, neither of which are organic.

This is the third Patent granted to Rosinbomb by the U.S. Patent Office and follows our Design Patent for our unique implantation of the cabinet, which provides users access to all four sides of the heat plates and our utility patent to the Rosinbomb Flow Channel that allows for high volume procession.

All Rosinbomb products operate 100 percent organically and produce safe and solventless extracts.

Rosinbomb continues to work and consult with industry leaders in developing new technologies and products for the consumer and commercial rosin extraction industry.

This small tabletop rosin press has so far provided stellar results.

Will Hyde - Leafly